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Friend of Fred and George Weasley who is also in the Potterwatch
Best Friend of Parvati Patil
Mother of Harry Potter
Author of Advanced Potion Making
Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports
She was married to Rolf Scamander
Voldemort borrowed his wand for the Battle over Little Whinging
A Magical Pub which is also the entrance to Diagon Alley
Cousin of Muriel who is a healer at St. Mungo's
Village where the Riddles live
Best friend of Katie Bell
Town where the Dursleys live
Best Chaser in Poland
Small, green insects with large transparent wings that is an ingredient in making polyjuice potion
Youngest child and olny son of Bill and Fleur
Spell that glue the subject's tongue to the roof of his mouth
Spell that allows the caster to see through the mind of the victim
Spell that dangle the victim upside-down by their ankles
Counteracts the spell above (the question before this)
Spell that creates a beam of light
The 'mascot' of the Ireland Quidditch Team
Magical sweet shaped like a wand

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