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Forced Order
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DescriptionAnswerWhat I require (Whole name/First name/Su
Albus _________surname
The object given by Albus to Ron in his will-----
A witch who greeted Harry in his first trip to Leaky Cauldron and she shook Harry's hand many timeswhole
Chaser for the Chudley Cannons who Ron thought Harry was thinking when he said Gregorovitchwhole
Ron's fake identity during the planned thievery in Gringottswhole
A member of the Order of the Phoenix who is also one of the Advanced Guard of Harry and who accompanied the relatives of Harry in their transferring of placewhole
Elphias _____surname
Voldemort's followerswhole word
Ginny's boyfriend before Harrywhole
Owner of the Elder Wand before Harrywhole
House elf who was freed by Harryfirst
Witch who was a member of the Order of the Phoenix who fought in the First Wizarding War but was killed by Voldemort himselfwhole
Hogwarts High Inquisitorwith the first and surname but not complete (without the 2nd name)
Wizarding newspaper based in Londonwhole word
Where Gringotts, Ollivander's shop and Flourish and Blotts residewhole word
Guard of Azkaban------
Created by death which were given to the Peverell brotherswhole word
Subject in Hogwarts which was believed to be cursed by Voldemortwhole word
_______ of Mysteriesfirst
Subject in Hogwarts which is about foretelling the future--------
Headmistress of Hogwarts and healer in St. Mungo'swhole
Expelliarmus is a _______ Charmfirst
DescriptionAnswerWhat I require (Whole name/First name/Su
Head of the Goblin Liaison Officewhole
Second child of Bill and Fleurfirst
School of Viktor Krum------
Cousin of Harry Potterfirst
Cousin of Harry Potter's surnamesurname
Secret Organization founded by Harry, Ron and Hermionewhole word
Started by Gilderoy Lockhart to train the students how to duelwhole word
Creature which the four champions must face in the first task (general)-----
Spell which causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted-----
Spell which turns an object into stone-----
Spell used in the hump of the one-eyed witch-----
___________ Charm which hides an object or an animal ( according to Albus, it makes him invisible)-----
Spell which forces an object to shrink-----
Spell which tears its target (severing charm)-----
Spell which Hermione used in Xenophilius's house to blast a hole in the living room floor-----
Spell which makes any object to turn downward-----
The Banishing Charm-----
An Erasure Spell-----
Hex which makes the victim's teeth grow rapidly-----
Armando _______surname
The sign of Voldemort and his followerswhole word

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