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How much weight did Bradley gain for his role in American Sniper
What movie caused Bradley Cooper to miss his college graduation commencement for?
What's his favorite football team?
When is his birthday?
What foreign language is Cooper fluent in?
His character's name in American Hustle?
What is his father's name?
His character's name in American Sniper?
What month, year was he voted Sexiest Man of The Year?
How many times has he been nominated for an Academy Award?
Has he ever won an Oscar?
Where did he go to college?
What is his sister's name?
What was the name of the character Bradley Cooper played in the movie Silver Linings Playbook?
What three consecutive years did Bradley Cooper win a Golden Globe for?
Where did he get his love of cooking?
How tall is Bradley Cooper?
What is Bradley's middle name?
What movie is he currently filming with Lady Gaga?
What is his mother's name?
What did he get his undergraduate degree in?
What was the first tv show he ever appeared on?
Has he ever been nominated for a Tony Award?
What was the name of the movie that he played a chef in?
What university did Bradley attend first before eventually transferring?
Where was Bradley born and raised?
What country did he spend a semester abroad in while attending Georgetown University?
What is the name of the comedy that set off his film career?
How many movies has Bradley Cooper made with Jennifer Lawrence?
What color are his yes?

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