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'We're not here. You don't see us. The government did NOT send us.'
'Also known as tornado magnets.'
'All-purpose... all of the time...'
'Why do you hang around with THOSE stiffs?'
'Guess it comes from holey cows...'
'Great on strawberry shortcake, banana splits, chocolate pudding...'
'Noses run in our family.'
'It'll feel better when it quits hurting.'
'It's as American as... as... something...'
'Could serve as a safety precaution for those who smoke in bed.'
'Food fight!'
'Please stop.'
'We'd throw some joke in here, but we're afraid of getting sued.'
'Wait - don't stick that fork in there!'
''Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.' - Alexander Pope'
'There's no better way to serve it.'
'If it's too loud - you're too old.'
'International travel, just around the corner.'
'I see a Green Apple Card in your future.'
'Let's keep this brief.'
'You said a mouthful.'
'Statistically safer than driving... unless you crash.'
'Looks like plastic, tastes like lemons.'
'Crack it, snap it, pop it, and blow it!'
'When you're too cheap to buy a surfboard.'
'Famous for their bodies of work.'
'It's either this or chemical warfare.'
'It was either that or hire someone to do my taxes!'
'Population unknown.'
'We've fingered the cause of the pain.'

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