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Can you name the Greys Anatomy Characters from Season 7?

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Married to Derek, friends with Christina, half-sister to Lexie. Mother is Ellis, father is Thatcher whom she gave a part of her liver to, is the owner of the 'Sparkle Pager'
Married to Meredith Grey. Was Chief of the hospital. Best friends with Mark Sloan.
Best friends with Meredith, married to Owen Hunt, ultimate dream is to become a Cardio Surgeon and win a Harper Avery Award
One of the original 5 of Bailey's interns, was married to Izzie, was with George when he performed open heart surgury in the elevator, was shot in the side by Mr. Clark
Is Chief Resident, originally known as 'The Nazi'; is Webber's 'work husband', has a son, is currently dating Eli, famous saying:to rise above
Is an Attending, came from Iraq, married to Christina, Friends with Teddy
Friends with Derek, is the hospital's plastic surgeon, dated Lexie,
Was married to George, was Chief resident, is currently dating Arizona, is the Othopedic Attending, best friends with Sloan
Cardio Attending, friends with Owen, came from Iraq,
Dating Alex, lives at Meredith's, half-sister to Meredith, father is Thatcher, sister is Holly,
Dating Callie, works in Ped's as an Attending
Is the Chief at Seattle Grace/Mercy West, married to Adele, has a drinking problem (joined AA in season 6)
Grandfather is Harper Avery, constantly competes against Christina in the Cardiothorasic field, is from Mercy West
A fromer Mercy West intern, killed a woman because she forgot to check the throat to see soot and was fired, when Derek became Cheif he hired her back, still wary about surgury
Former Cast:left Christina at the Alter, was a former Cardiothorasic surgeon at Seattle Grace, won the Harper Avery Award
Former Cast: was engaged to Denny Duquette, married Alex before she left the show, had stage 4 cancer, best friends with
Former Cast: the 'Heart in the Elevator Guy', died because he saved somone from being hit by a bus, was an intern twice, was Burke's guy and Owen's guy, was at one point married to
Former Cast:Was married to Derek whom she cheated on with Alex, left Seattle Grace to go to LA (where she now works in Private Practice), was the OB/GYN Attending
Former Cast:was dating Callie, Was an ortopedic Attending
Former Cast:A former legend at Seattle Grace Hospital, had an affair with Webber, was married to Thatcher, died with Alzheimers, her daughter is Meredith

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