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This company has been running an advertising campaign to convince the public not to use its name as a synonym of 'to photocopy'
Oil and gas company ranked number one on the Fortune 500
2001 Microsoft video game console
Rhyming cuisine that includes chili con carne and enchiladas
Palindromic antianxiety drug
Meal at a restaurant that is set at a certain price; table d'hôte
Horizontal line on a Cartesian coordinate system
Space on a U.S. Monopoly Board featuring a diamond ring
Born Eric Marlon Bishop, he's the only man to win both a Grammy and an acting Oscar in the past ten years
General Mills snack food that may include wheat, corn, and rice squares; bagel chips; pretzels; and nuts
Ancient Persian king; son of Darius the Great and husband of Esther
American discount department store chain and sister store to Marshalls
Chocolate medicine that helps when the going gets tough
You might pull a tissue out of this Kimberly-Clark container
Psychedelic rock band that released 'Electric Ladyland' in 1968
Official title of the 1968 sporting event involving the infamous 'Black Power salute' on the medal stand
Location of that event [city & country]
The only rap album to win Grammy of the Year; it's singles include 'Hey Ya!' and 'The Way You Move' [3 X's]
This popular pregnancy guide was turned into a movie starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez
Brazilian dance similar to the tango that is named for a city in Mozambique

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