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Can you name the details about all of the myths that the MythBusters have confirmed to be true?

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Note: I can neither confirm nor deny any of these to be true. All testing, results, and conclusions were done by MythBusters. And please, don't try any of these at home!
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A lawyer accidentally killed himself by running through the ___ of the 24th floor of his office building.
Larry Walters flew a lawn chair by means of ___ and descended safely by means of an air gun.
Eating food with ___ can cause a false positive when drug tested for heroin and/or opium.
An assassin can use a poison capsule fired from an ___ to kill someone without leaving a trace.
If a glass of water is microwaved, removed, and an additive placed in it, it will ___ due to superheating.
___ is able to remove bloodstains, clean chrome, and clean a penny.
If a ___ is left in a car long enough, the car's interior will be destroyed.
A rowing boat with eight rowers can pull a ___ at sufficient speeds for he/she to stay upright.
Fecal coliform bacteria can travel from a toilet to a ___ and grow in its bristles.
___ poured into the oil of a car can destroy the engine.
The scent of a ___ can be removed with a mixture of soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.
A person can be killed by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub full of ___.
A ___ can explode when bitten after being heated in a microwave oven or standing out in the sunlight while still in the wrapper.
Overusing ___ to kill pests can blow up a house.
An ___ falling from a height of 15 feet can kill a person.
A clothed ___ melts slower than an unclothed one.
Lighting a ___ can make one's house colder.
___ can cause someone to become insane.
A person can be subconsciously influenced to ___ if another nearby person does it.
A person can be electrocuted by talking ___ during a lightning storm.
A ___ can be driven with its trailer still attached.
A wine glass will ___ if a person sings at the right pitch.
A rolling stone can truly gather no ___.
Driving while talking on a cell phone is just as dangerous as driving while ___.
Hiding ___ can stop a person from being hit by bullets.
It is possible to do a ___ on a rigid-arm swingset.
A great white shark can ram a ___ with enough force to damage or destroy it.
A great white shark can ram a ___ with enough force to punch a hole in it.
A ___ stored on the backboard of a car can stay intact during a crash.
A person will end up drier by ___ in the rain than walking.
A ___ car heats up faster than an identical white car.
Running a car with ___ on is more fuel efficient than running with the windows down (when traveling more than 50 mph).
A ___ will explode when shot by a tracer round.
The ___ is the cleanest place in the house.
___ can clean the odor off feet and can kill bad breath.
Seasickness can be cured by taking a ___ pill.
A plane's tail section was shredded by a runaway taxiing plane's ___.
Fire can be started by using the friction caused by rubbing two ___ together.
Fire can be started by shooting a ___.
Fire can be started by using the bottom of a ___ polished with chocolate.
Fire can be started by using steel wool and the ends of a ___.
Fire can be started by using ___ as a refractive lens.
___ discovered electricity by flying a kite during a thunderstorm.
Flatulence can be induced by eating ___.
Flatulence can be induced by drinking ___.
___ fired into the air maintain their lethal capability when they eventually fall back down.
Vodka can be used as an improvised ___ when mixed with water in a sealed plastic bag.
A hybrid rocket can be propelled with ___.
A modern firearm can be fired if completely ___.
Under the right conditions, farm chemicals can cause a pair of ___ to combust if they are spilt on and subjected to normal wear and abuse.
Cheap fuel efficiency can be achieved by using ___ rather than regular fuel in a Diesel engine car.
A car will achieve a smoother ride on a rough outback road by being driven ___.
An optical fingerprint reader can be fooled by a copy of an approved fingerprint etched in ___.
An optical fingerprint reader can be fooled by a ___ gel replica of an approved fingerprint.
An optical fingerprint reader can be fooled by a ___ copy of an approved fingerprint.
A thermal motion sensor can be fooled by wearing a highly insulated ___ suit.
A thermal motion sensor can be fooled by placing a piece of ___ between the intruder and the sensor.
An ultrasonic motion detector can be fooled by holding a ___ in front of oneself.
An ultrasonic motion detector can be fooled by moving extremely ___.
Putting a ___ on a stove will cause an explosion that could kill a person.
Putting a can of ___ on a stove will cause an explosion that could kill a person.
A compressed air cylinder can blast itself through a ___ wall.
A plastic mesh ___ provides superior fuel efficiency compared to the standard metal one.
A lighter can explode when placed under a ___ tool.
A lighter can explode when hit with a ___.
A bullet can be shot into the empty ___ of another revolver.
Vodka can cure the pain of a ___ sting.
If a frozen ___ falls, it can crush a foot.
If a car falls into the water and becomes submerged, the ___ cannot be opened until the interior is flooded.
A person can escape a car that has fallen into the water ___ after hitting the water.
A person can escape a car that has fallen into the water as soon as the water inside the car is up to one's ___.
A person can escape a submerged car by attempting to break the window using a window-breaking ___.
A person can escape a submerged car by attempting to break the window using a ___-loaded center punch.
A speed camera can take a picture of a passing ___.
A guard dog can be distracted with the ___ of a female dog.
___ alone can put out a fire.
Using ___ can make one remember things more clearly.
A ___ on a big rig can explode with lethal force.
___ behind a big rig will improve a car's fuel efficiency.
A moving car can safely transition from a road into a moving big rig via ___.
A hero could save his buddies by covering a live grenade with his own ___.
A hero could save his buddies by placing a live grenade in a bucket full of ___.
A person's ___ can instantly stick to a freezing metal pole when touched, making it difficult to remove.
In baseball, on bases that a player can't overrun, it is faster to ___ into them.
Firing ___ out of a gun can hit with lethal force.
One can prevent an opponent's sword from piercing the chest with a ___.
A gun can fire a bullet with lethal force if stored inside a hot ___.
A superhero can change into his or her costume while inside a ___.
A speed camera cannot take a picture of a car if it is going ___ enough.
A trail of burning ___ can set off the keg from which it spilled.
A ___ can explode like a rocket and shoot through the roof of a house.
The engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a ___.
The engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a ___ bus.
The engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a small ___.
A person can water ski behind a full size ___.
A person can easily shoot fish in a ___.
The pressure shockwave of a ___ hitting the water is enough to kill a fish.
The spiciness of eating a chili pepper can be cured by drinking ___.
A person buried up to their neck in wet ___ cannot escape.
Grapeshot or chains shot from a ___ can be lethal.
By streamlining their body, a person can catch up to another person freefalling at ___ velocity in the skydiving position with a fifteen second head-start from 15,000 feet.
It is possible to chop down a tree using a ___.
A flame can follow a trail of ___ from a leaking barrel and travel up into the barrel.
In shark-infested waters, ___ can aid a person in avoiding a potential attack.
An explosion can ___ a steak.
Driving while ___ decreases fuel economy.
In a ___, a feather and a hammer will drop at the same rate and hit the ground at the same time.
The Apollo astronauts left behind special equipment on the Moon like reflectors that scientists can bounce ___ off.
A small ___ can be lifted into the air by high pressure fire hoses.
___ can be startled into fainting.
A person can create a huge fireball by firing a cloud of ___ and igniting it with a flare.
'Invisible water' (gas with a high ___) can be created to make it look as if a tin foil boat was floating in the air.
A ___ gun is accurate up to 100 feet.
A ___ can drive a car safely by following instructions given by a passenger.
While charging his target, a ___ can use his sword to deflect an arrow and kill the archer before he can reload.
A Hwacha can fire 200 ___ at once at a range of 500 yards that will explode on impact.
A person can escape prison by using a rope made out of ___.
Pykrete (a composite material made up of 14% ___ and 86% ice) is bulletproof and stronger than regular ice.
Explosives can compress graphite into ___.
If the heads of 30,000 ___ are gathered together and ignited, they will create a large fireball.
Davy Crockett could fire a shot from his musket and split the bullet on the blade of an ___ stuck in a tree 40 yards away.
Igniting a bucket full of thermite on top of a bunch of blocks of ___ will cause an explosion.
Holding a hunting revolver improperly can cause a person's ___ to be blown off by the gases escaping when the bullets are fired.
A person can hold onto the ___ of a car with the windows down while the car is zigzagging.
A person can hold onto the ___ of a car when it makes a sudden stop.
A bullet fired horizontally and one ___ from the same height will hit the ground simultaneously.
Duct tape can be used to construct a potato ___ or even a real one.
Duct tape can lift a 5,000-pound ___.
Duct tape can be used to construct an entire ___.
It is possible to put out a ___ fire with enough water.
A block of ___ can be fired from a cannon with enough force to shred a ship’s sail.
An exploding ___ can shoot up about 500 feet in the air at around 300 miles per hour.
A device that shoots bullets around ___ angles exists.
A person can hold onto the roof or hood of a car while it crashes through a wall of ___.
A padlock soaked in ___ is easier to break.
A deep-sea diver in an old-style suit can be crushed into his ___ if the line connecting him to his surface air compressor breaks.
Some common household items are dirtier than a ___.
A person can wet his hand and briefly dip it into molten ___ without injury.
A whole ___ can be sent by mail without any packaging.
A strike-anywhere ___ can be lit if grazed by a bullet.
A person can climb into a moving ___ after hanging from its landing skid.
A pursuing car can be eluded using a ___.
Throwing an object off of a moving vehicle will cause the object to drop ___.
Women have a higher tolerance for ___ than men.
___ aloud will help a person better withstand pain.
Two cars crashing into each other at 50 mph exerts the same force as a single car hitting a wall at ___ mph.
It is possible to literally knock someone's ___ off.
Duct tape can be used to build a ___ across a chasm.
___ can hold a completely dismantled car together so that it can be safely driven.
___ can hold a car in place.
Driving a route taking only ___ is more fuel efficient than driving normally.
___ from a person with a cold can contaminate anyone in the vicinity.
Tornado-force winds can propel glass with enough speed to ___ a person.
The Storm Chasers’ specially reinforced vehicles can withstand an EF5 ___.
It is possible to build a personal ___ protection device.
Driving while suffering from ___ deprivation is more dangerous than driving tipsy.
A scuba diver can wear a ___ underneath his drysuit during a dive and still have it look presentable for a party.
A car's ___ pressure can significantly affect its fuel efficiency.
A bottle of ___ can be put in the freezer, removed while it is still liquid, and struck to instantly freeze the ___.
It is harder to escape from a sinking ___ that has turned upside down than one that remains right-side up.
___ an impaired person in the face can restore some degree of proper mental functioning.
It is possible to knock a dropped ___ out of reach by shooting at it.
If the contents of an airplane ___ are jettisoned mid-flight, they can freeze into a solid mass and inflict serious injury upon hitting the ground.
A person can survive a ___ blast by hiding behind a wooden table, car, dumpster, or cinderblock wall.
The sound of a ___ shaking its tail in real life is very similar to what is heard in a movie.
A sailboat stranded in calm water can be moved forward by using a ___ to blow air into the sail.
An enemy car can be disabled by using wheel-mounted ___.
An enemy car can be disabled by using a hood-mounted ___.
A bullet fired into the surface of a frozen lake can spin like a ___ on impact.
A wheel carved from ___ can be used as a spare tire.
It is possible to safely stop an out-of-control car by pulling in front and ___ down.
A person can increase his chances of surviving an underwater explosion by floating on his ___.
A blindfolded person cannot travel in a ___ line.
An excavator can be used to row a ___ by using its bucket as an oar.
An excavator can spin in place in water & allow a person tied to the bucket to ___.
An excavator can load ___ into the back of a cargo truck.
If a bear rips a hole in a grounded airplane’s fuselage, the pilot can patch the hole with ___ so that the plane can fly away safely.
It is possible to construct a workable airplane fuselage using only ___.
C-4 plastic explosive is stable enough to burn without exploding and can be used to cook ___.
A methane explosion in a ___ can launch a manhole cover into the air.
Spray-on truck ___ is tough enough to withstand a dog bite and an explosion.
When people are presented with the ___ problem, they tend to stick with their first choice and would be more likely to win if they changed their decision.
If a bomb is cooled with liquid ___, its detonation will be delayed long enough for a person to cover himself with a bomb blanket and survive.
Airplanes can save fuel and money by flying in _-formation like a flock of birds.
Marooned on an island with only ___, a person can build a distress signal, make clothing, find fresh water & food, build a fire, build a shelter, stay focused, & escape the island.
Two cars attached by their front ___ can drive in a straight line & do a 180° spin.
___ are better overall drivers.
Women are better at reading people's emotions based on their ___.
Men are better at ___ a car for a road trip.
Super glue can be used to attach a room's furniture to its ___, making it look like the room is turned upside down.
A water heater turned on its side can act as a ___ if it explodes.
An ___ can be used to thread a needle or pour a glass of wine.

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