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Can you name the movie titles that have been 'clipped' from these words and phrases?

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For example: __PPOCRA_I_ OAT_ (Ancient ethical promise for doctors), the missing letters, in order, spell the movie title "Hitch".
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AI_ H___E_Tabletop game with a puck
_O_NT _OG__Highest peak in Canada
__MES _AT_ONDiscovered DNA structure with Francis Crick
T__M__NIS__Certain jazz musicians
_AND_EST___Clue/Cluedo weapon
___TR_D_CTO_YLike a paradox
__T_O__LETransportation for the Caped Crusader
_T_NT ___FOR___CEIt is usually done by a trained professional
HENRY ___ N___G____Portuguese prince who funded world exploration
S____ _RESS__GFrench or Italian, for example
SUR____ RUN___The flow of water on top of saturated soil
__SH___TCapital of Uzbekistan
A_O_O _N__N _H_OAmerican eight-time Winter Olympic medalist
_L_S_ ___IODTime spent learning between bells
S__M_ING _RO__DA place you visit often
_RUE H_LL_WOOD _____Celebrity documentary show on the E! channel
RE___N_MWorld War I, iPod Classic, or George H.W. Bush
A_E___Lumberjacks; or slang for guitar players
_EO_G_ _IFF___ DALLA_Vice President under James Polk
_____E_ D_C_Pack used to begin a Pokémon card collection
_HENAN__A__Mischievous tricks
MOU__WAT_____Scrumptious; enticing
___US __DRON__USEarly Shakespearean tragedy
____KEN M_REN__Italian dish that purportedly was invented by Napoleon's chef after a battle
_RIT OF __TA_____TCourt order to seize assets
TH_ILL_ __ ___ILALegendary 1975 boxing match that took place in the Philippines
__LKI_G _H_ _OGCommon chore for a pet owner
__LY SM__ES'What a surprise!'
_TRA_ H__Scarecrow headwear
___N _IS___SMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, for example
_NST_UCTI__ ___UALHelpful documentation that comes with a product
__MI_G AT_R___IONSTrailers seen at the movie theater
193_ __ 194_Time span of World War II
_USTA__ S____Grey Poupon ingredient

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