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She starred in the Academy Award-winning 'American Beauty' and has been married to Warren Beatty for 18 years
Legendary arena that was home to the Celtics and the Bruins until being demolished in 1995
This literary device, often found in ancient Greek literature, means 'god from the machine' in Latin
This red-orange flowering plant native to Europe could be called 'satanic', as it has become an invasive species in the Northern U.S. and Canada
He played Samuel 'Screech' Powers on 'Saved by the Bell' from 1988 to 2000
This rhyming term that contains the name of a shape means 'impartial'
Warren Harding's middle name; it is also the name of a rabbi mentioned in the Bible who taught Paul the Apostle
Verse that comes before the lines 'Short and stout, Here is my handle, Here is my spout' in a popular children's song
Process that comes between laying eggs and hatching them
This city's nicknames, 'The Racing Capital of the World', comes from the auto race it holds every Memorial Day weekend
This lake, the eighth largest in the world, is sometimes called Lake Malawi
The rights that a police must read before an arrest ('You have the right to remain silent...') are named for this man
Shakespeare play with the characters Don Pedro, Claudio, and Beatrice
This ancient ruler with a long name was credited with building the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon'
Term used in World War I to describe the area between two enemy trenches, or a nickname for the backcourt in tennis
It was around from 1299 until 1922, when it became the Republic of Turkey
The indigenous people living in the Amazon jungle used the teeth of this fish as tools and weapons
George Bernard Shaw play that was the basis for the film 'My Fair Lady'
This word, borrowed from the German language, is defined as 'pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others'
Renowned explorer Jacques Cousteau pioneered this underwater recreational activity that contains an acronym
Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt after she disobeyed God and turned back to look at these two cities
This structure, spanning part of the Puget Sound, earned the nickname 'Galloping Gertie' after being destroyed in a 1940 windstorm, just 4 months after it was built
This founding father published his pamphlet 'Common Sense' in 1776
This cartoon cat and mouse duo was originally called 'Jasper and Jinx'
This term that comes from the Latin for 'wanderer' is a euphemism for hobo

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