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Can you name the phrases or names that contain 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet spaced apart (...XYZABC...)?

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Please ignore the words that should be capitalized but aren't. It looks better this way. Also, the alphabet wraps around from Z to A, so don't forget YZA and ZAB!
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Political, religious, or humorous blurb attached to the back of a car
Cardboard food container that might be delivered to your door
This genre of movies, popular in the '40s and '50s, contains the French for 'black'
Twelve streets, including the Champs-Élysées, radiate out from this Paris landmark built in the 1830s
Electric types of this kitchen device usually have a magnet for holding the lid
Formal, yet personal way to end a letter
Mensa membership requirement
He played Cal Hockley in 'Titanic' as well as the title character in 'The Phantom'
This world famous bicycle race runs clockwise around the country one year, then counterclockwise the next
This is defined as an 'unaccompanied group of voices (usually males) singing sentimental songs in four-part harmony'
When Abraham Lincoln met this author of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', he said 'So you're the little lady who started this great war!'
This Maryland seafood dish comes in 'Boardwalk' and 'Restaurant' varieties
The mascot of this North Carolina school founded in 1834 is the Demon Deacon
Author of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and creator of Gonzo journalism
Italian member of the Three Tenors who last performed at the 2006 Winter Olympics, just a year before he died
Full name of the country whose capital is Accra and that is home to Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in the world
Scientist's workwear, for short
One World Trade Center was the world's tallest building for just two years, before it was eclipsed by this building in 1974
A 'Foley artist' records these for a movie, which are added in later
Jackie Chan's 'Rush Hour' co-star
An unexpected and unpleasant gift from a teacher to his or her students
1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
This nickname for Texas comes from the single celestial object featured on its flag
1797 incident involving three French agents and a bribe from U.S. diplomats; and a fitting way to end this quiz

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