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Can you name the seven letter words that can be 'beheaded' twice to create new words?

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You can give just the 7 letter word or all three words (in order). The seven-letter words are sorted alphabetically.
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To shorten, as a dictionary
It usually spans a river
Hill or mountain
Treating in a harmful way
Cleaning off restaurant tables
Voyages up the mountain
Your nose knows these
Nickels and dimes
Someone who doesn't believe in God
Someone who does believe in God
Bank robbery
The ostrich is the only bird to have one of these
It may be telescopic or an extension
Snake that can put two and two together
Blackberry or raspberry plant
To go on and on and on and on
To walk at a slow pace
You will not be happy if your computer does this
Allergies may cause them
Fireplace remains
Sent a message quickly
Sent a message slowly
Had the flu
You may take something for this
Went on and on and on and on
Added chips to the pot
Mr. Met and Mr. Red
Orange ties worn by Fred on 'Scooby Doo'
Alexander Fleming and Alexander Graham Bell
How some medicine is taken
It may have a lot of pep
Rents out an apartment
Joe, Mario, or Ozzy O., at one point in their lives
What jack and jill went up the hill to fetch?
Color that may be burnt or raw
Say again say again
Subject of a will
Solid, shock, or South Dakota
Thrill park sounds
Beats badly
Units of paper
Weight watcher?
Lily, James, or Harry
There are river and sea species of this mammal
Leisurely walks
'60s dolls with serious bedhead
He founded a car company with Henry Royce
Bird, or what it must do to the insects it eats
To immerse oneself in mud or misery
Eagles' '___ Woman'
Blue mouse voiced by Dan Castellaneta
Like leftovers
Tidy up

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