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Details of EncyclicalName of EncyclicalDate Written
All people have a right to private property. Written by Pope Leo XIII May 15,1891
Reaffirms the need for a social order by justice and charity. Written by Pope Pius XI May 15, 1931
Says that church is the teacher in distinguishing between good and evil. Written by Pope John XXIIIMay 15, 1961
Affirms the inviolability of human rights. Written by Pope John XXIIIApril 11, 1963
Calls for a new sense of service by the church in a rapidly changing world. Written by Vatican IIDecember 7, 1965
Calls attention to the worsening marginalization of the poor. Written by Pope Paul VIMarch 26, 1967
Calls on Christians to live up to the duty of participation in social and political reform as a way of discovering the truth and living out the Gospel. Written by Pope Paul VIMay 14, 1971
Presents work as a fundamental dimension of human existence. Written by Pope John Paul IISeptember 14, 1981
Expanding on the notion of development in Populorum Progressio, reviews the state of world development in the past two decades. Written by Pope John Paul IIDecember 30, 1987
Brought Rerum Novarum up to date and tied it to 'the preferential option for the poor.' Written by Pope John Paul IIMay 1, 1991
Benedict makes essential connections between charity and truth, between the protection of life and the pursuit of justice, and between rich and poor. Written by Pope Benedict XVIJuly 7, 2009

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