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Can you name the planets (or stations) that appear in the Mass Effect trilogy?

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LocationPlanet (Homeworld)Mission
Utopia, Exodus ClusterFind the Prothean Beacon
Widow, Serpent NebulaExpose Saren*
Knossos, Artemis TauFind Dr. T'Soni
Pax, Horse Head NebulaFind Matriarch Benezia
Theseus, Attican BetaDestroy the Thorian
Hoc, Sentry OmegaDestroy Saren's Base
Refuge, Pangaea ExpanseFind the Conduit
Terminus SystemsInvestigate the Human Colony
Sahrabarik, Omega NebulaRecruit the Archangel*
Imir, Eagle NebulaRecruit the Warlord
Osun, Hourglass NebulaRecruit the Convict*
Tasale, Crescent NebulaRecruit the Assassin
Dholen, Far RimRecruit the Quarian
Alpha Draconis, Rosetta NebulaGain the Loyalty of Jacob
Boltzmann, Serpent NebulaGain the Loyalty of the Master Thief
Faia, Ismar FrontierGain the Loyalty of the Veteran
Dakka, Nubian ExanseGain the Loyalty of Subject Zero
LocationPlanet (Homeworld)Mission
Raheel-Leyya, Vallhallan ThresholdGain the Loyalty of Tali*
Thorne, Hawking EtaAcquire Reaper IFF*
Sea of Storms, Phoenix MassingGain the Loyalty of Legion*
Beyond the Omega 4 RelaySuicide Mission
Sol, Local ClusterRetrieve the Prothean Data
Trebia, Apien CrestRescue the Primarch
Vetus, Petra NebulaEvacuate the Students*
Pranas, Annos BasinExtract the Krogan Females
Mulla Xul, Ninmah ClusterInvestigate the Krogan Team
Aralakh, Krogan DMZCure the Genophage
Mesana, Nimbus ClusterInvestigate the Ardat-Yakshi Monastery
Arrae, Minos WastelandRescue the Ex-Cerberus Scientists
Tikkun, Perseus VeilDestroy the Reaper Base
Parnitha, Athena NebulaLocate the Prothean Artifact
Iera, Shadow SeaInvestigate Sanctuary Facility
Anadius, Horse Head NebulaAssault the Illusive Man's Base*
Sol, Local ClusterTake the Homeworld Back

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