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How Well Do You Know (Horrible) History?

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Historical Figure known for bathing in donkey milk?
What was Blackbeard's real name?
Gang of which Dick Turpin was a member?
Nell Gwyn was his mistress, who was he?
Last wife of Henry VIII?
How did Boudicca die?
Complete the line - Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, ______, Mary I, Elizabeth I....
Who married 'Caroline of Brunswick' in order to pay off his debt?
For how many years did William Wallace evade capture?
'Age' that followed the Stone Age?
Who was the house of Plantagenet's final ruler?
Man who became Dick Turpin's 'sidekick' after he tried to rob him?
The name for the transition to new manufacturing processes during the Victorian era?
Which monarch was responsible for the British Empire's loss of Calais?
Who was the leader of the Suffragettes?
First house of Tudor Monarch?
Who was the teacher of the Greek 'thinker' Plato?
Alternative name for Elizabeth I?
Where was 'Home' to Blackbeard?
Husband of Mary I of England?
What year did the peaceful protests of the Suffragettes begin?
What is the main process that brings about evolution that Charles Darwin tells us about?
Militant organisation that became of the Suffragettes?
What English disaster occurred during the reign of Charles II?
What age was 'Love' banned until for spartans?

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