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Who is the Chosen One?
Who is his father?
Who is his mother?
First book?
Second book?
Third book?
Fourth book?
Fifth book?
Sixth book?
Seventh book?
Goes to zoo with Dudley's friend named?
Talks to what kind of reptile at the zoo?
What train station does he go to?
What platform does he enter?
What is the name of the train he takes to Hogwarts?
Who is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in his first year?
In his second?
seventh (Harry wasn't there, but who was it anyway)?
Who is the head of Gryffindor house?
Slytherin(in the last book)?
Who was the goalie for the Harry's first quidditch team?
Who were the three chasers?
# two?
# three?
Who were the two beaters?
# two?
Who are his best friends?
# two?
Which boy who is in Griffyndor in his year has one muggle parent and one wizard parent?
Which boy in Gryffindor in his year is a muggle born?
Who is the last boy in his year who is a Gryffindor?
Which girl in his year in Gryffindor has a twin in Ravenclaw?
Who is her twin?
Who is the girl in Gryffindor in his year that's name is also a color?
Who is Harry's owl?
Who is Harry's godfather?
What form does a boggart take when it sees Harry?
What is Ron's worst fear?
Who is Harry's biggest enemy?
What is the name of the barman at The Leaky Cauldron?
What is the name of the joke shop in Hogsmeade?
Who are Ron's siblings and parents? Father?
brother #1 ?
brother #2 ?
brother #3 ?
brother #4 and 5 already said. Sister?
Who sells ice cream at Diagon Alley?
Which animagus turns into a beetle?
Which animagus turns into a rat?
What car does Mr. Weasley own?
What tree do Ron and Harry crash it into?
Who does Lupin marry?
What do they name their son?
Who is the greatest headmaster Hogwarts ever had?
Who is the bartender for the Three Broomsticks?
Who is the bartender for the Hog's Head?
Who is the Fat Lady's friend?
Who fills in for the Fat Lady when she is scared off by Sirius?
Who is Harry's worst enemy in his year?
Who teaches History of Magic?
What is the name of the map that Fred and George give to Harry?
What piece of furniture does Malfoy use to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts in the sixth book?
What is Neville's eventual occupation?
What kind of drink makes you feel warmer?
What kind of drink burns your throat as it goes down?
What is the name of Ron's eventual daughter?
What is the name of Ron's eventual son?
What is the name of the man at campsite three at the quidditch world cup?
Who is the headmaster at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?
Who is the headmaster at Durmstrang?
Who is the seeker for Bulgaria's quidditch team?
Who is the triwizard champion for Beauxbatons?
Who is the first triwizard champion for Hogwarts?

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