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Can you name the animals?2011Sierra Boyd
I have short black or brown fur, long sharp claws, i eat plants and animals, climb trees, and im about the size of a person.
I am small, eat plants, have a very short tail, soft fluffy tail, hop around, an di usually dont make any noises.
I have very short brown and white fur, have big brown eyes, a short tail that sticks up in the air, i frolick, and my babies are white spottted.
I am a preditor, resemble a very large cat, have a long thick tail, sharp teeth, i growl, my ears go down when i am angry and i have big fat paws.
I love to fly, eat seeds, make nests, ans occasionally run into windows.
I love to swim, i have fins and gills, eat plants, and lay eggs.
My home is underground, sometimes i come out to gather food for my family, i am brown and furry with a little tail, i am also very small.
You can find me on a farm, i am very fat and pink. have a curly tail, anda snout.
I have luffy short fur, a long slender neck, and average tail, large teeth, i eat plants, and spit at people when they make me mad.
I am a house pet, have very soft orange fur, like to rub up against my owner so they will pet me, i hate water, and love to chase stringy objects.

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