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LyricTrack NameAlbum
'I See You, Down On The Front Line'
'Do You Know What's Worth Fighting For'
'I Want To Be The Minority'
'I Text A Postcard Sent To You, Did It Go Through?'
'Why Can't You Just Admit It You've Had It'
'I'm Having Trouble Trying To Sleep, I'm Counting Sheep'
'Don't Wanna Be An ____ Don't Want A Nation Under The New Media'
'Do You Know The Enemy?'
LyricTrack NameAlbum
'See A Young Girl So Soft And Blonde Doesn't Attack Me But She Did Once'
'Every Night I Dream The Same Dream I'm Getting Older And Older All The Time'
'What Brings You Around, Did You Lose Something The Last Time You Were Here?'
'I Was Alone, I Was All By Myself'
'Summer Has Come And Passed, The Innocent Can Never Last'
'I've Got A Really Bad Disease, It's Got Me Begging On My Hands And Knees'
'Do You Have The Time To Listen To Me Whine'

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