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Can you name the Catcher in the Rye answers?

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Holden's next door dorm neighbor, very pimply and annoying to Holden
Holden's roomate at Pencey Prep
Holden's younger sister
the name of the prostitute that Holden hires
what does Pheobe ride on at the end of the novel?
Holden's oldest brother, lives in Hollywood and is a writer
what class out of the five did Holden actually pass at Pencey Prep?
what animal does Holden keep asking about throughout the novel?
what item does Holden keep that belonged to his younger brother?
what board game did Holden play with his old friend Jane?
what item does Holden buy for Pheobe that ends up breaking?
'If a body meet a body comin' through the _______'
what color is Holden's hunting cap?
what color does Holden refer to himself as?
'Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing ______'
According to Holden, you're all a bunch of _______

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