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Where is the G.E.C.K. finally found?
Where is the G.E.C.K. finally found? 
What does G.E.C.K. stand for? 
Where is Dogmeat found? 
Who performed facial reconstruction on A3-21? 
Who is A3-21? 
What is the activation code for the water purifier?  
Which companion is a Cyborg? 
(If Killed) Who replaces Three Dog? 
Who has the self destruct sequence for John Henry Eden? 
Can Fawkes Die? 
Where does Fawkes go when he is not traveling with the Lone Wanderer? 
What perk allows Dogmeat to have puppies? 
What does F.E.V. stand for? 
Does F.E.V. cause humans to turn into ghouls? 
What was the Mothership Zeta character, Somah's, occupation before she was abducted? 
What does the traveling merchant, Crow, specialize in? 
What does the traveling merchant, Lucky Harith, specialize in? 
Who is found dead at Rockopolis?  
What weapon causes molerats to have their heads explode? 
What unique skill book is obtained in the Underworld? 
What are the human-alien hybrids called? 
Who sells clothing at Rivet City? 
Where in Rivet City does Bannon work? 
What seemingly safe beverage is actually filled with radiation? 
Who voices John Henry Eden? 
What DLC allows the Citadel to be blown up? 
What is John Henry Eden? 
What does your karma have to be to get Sergeant RL-3 as a companion? 
What friendly super mutant appears as a random encounter? 
Did the U.S. government know that aliens existed before the war? 
What weapon allows the Lone Wanderer to mes people? 
Who is the Lone Wanderer's childhood bully? 

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