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VerbPerfect ParticipleEnglish
incendo, incendereburn, set on fire, inflame, rouse
adiuvo, adiuvarehelp
efficio, efficerecarry out, accomplish
pono, ponereput, place, set up (camp)
iubeo, iubereorder, command
descendo, descenderedescend, come down
defendo, defenderedefend
tango, tangeretouch
incipio, inciperebegin
verto, vertereturn
omitto, omittereneglect, disregard, make no mention of
queror, quericomplain
cerno, cerneresee, perceive, decree
cogo, cogereforce, compel, drive, assemble
quaero, quaereresearch for, ask for, ask, inquire
audeo, auderedare
tego, tegerecover, protect, hide
rumpo, rumperebreak, burst, break through
relinquo, relinquereleave, leave behind, abandon
sequor, sequifollow, pursue, attend
frango, frangerebreak, crush
aggredior, aggrediattack, approach
rapio, rapereseize, grab, carry off, plunder
confero, conferrecollect, compare, contribute, bestow
augeo, augereincrease, exaggerate
teneo, tenerehold, keep, maintain
consisto, consisterehalt, stand, stand firm
sperno, sperneredespise, reject, scorn
decipio, deciperedeceive
infero, inferreinflict, bring to, cause, carry against
ostendo, ostendereshow, point out, indicate
cognosco, cognoscereget to know, find out, learn
consumo, consumereeat, consume, spend
cingo, cingeresurround
fundo, funderepour, shed, rout
gero, gererebear, wear, wage war, manage
regredior, regredigo back, return
inspicio, inspicerelook at, inspect, examine
reficio, reficererepair, restore, refresh
doceo, docereteach, inform
ago, ageredo, act, drive
utor, utiuse, enjoy
animadverto, animadverterenotice, observe
respondeo, respondereanswer, reply
divido, divideredivide, separate
patior, patisuffer, endure, allow
rego, regererule, direct
committo, committerecommit, fight, begin (battle)
opprimo, opprimereoverwhelm, crush, weigh down
fodio, foderedig
perficio, perficerebring about, complete, perfect
VerbPerfect ParticipleEnglish
egredior, egredigo out, come out
emo, emerebuy
video, videresee
adipiscor, adipisciobtain
caveo, caverebeware (of), take care
colo, colerecultivate, worship, honour
cado, caderefall, perish
laedo, laederehurt, injure, harm
solvo, solvereloose, pay
lego, legereread, choose
iuvo, iuvarehelp
conficio, conficerecomplete, wear out
iungo, iungerejoin, unite, fasten
traho, traherepull, drag, draw
scribo, scriberewrite
suscipio, susciperetake up, undertake, begin, bear
sentio, sentirefeel, notice, hear, judge
dimitto, dimitteredismiss, scatter
vinco, vincereconquer, defeat, win, be victorious
progredior, progrediadvance, proceed
intellego, intellegereunderstand, perceive, realise
retineo, retinerehold back, restrain, keep
conspicio, conspicerenotice, observe, see
pario, parerewin, acquire, gain, secure
contendo, contenderehurry, march, contend, fight
desino, desinerecease
neglego, neglegereneglect, disregard
permitto, permitterehand over, entrust, permit, allow
occido, occiderekill
sumo, sumerotake, take up
gaudeo, gaudererejoice
mitto, mitteresend, throw, let go
fero, ferrebear, carry, say
obsideo, obsiderebesiege, blockade
promitto, promitterepromise
curro, currererun
tollo, tollereraise, lift up, remove, destroy
corripio, corripereseize, carry off
amitto, amitterelose
aufero, auferretake away, carry off, steal
ascendo, ascendere climb
offero, offerrepresent, offer
veho, veherecarry, bear, convey
pello, pellerepush, drive, rout
recipio, recipereregain, receive, welcome
cedo, cedereyield, give up; (in compounds) go
loquor, loquispeak, talk
praeficio, praeficereput in charge of
refero, referrebring back, report, refer
adimo, adimeretake away, remove
fallo, falleredeceive, cheat, escape one's notice

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