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Answer the questions based around some elements of the Nazi economy

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German Economic Minister between 1933 - 36?
Complete the Goering quote... 'weapons make us stronger, butter makes us...'
The Nazi Reich Food Minister 1933 - 42
German term promoted by Hitler translating as 'self-sufficiency'
Most powerful and influential large chemicals company in Nazi Germany
IOU bills created through a fake Nazi company
Nazi policy based around merging small businesses into massive businesses
Economic minister from 1936
Economic plan created in 1935
Economic disaster that occurred in 1929, that impacted heavily on the German economy
Name of the one German trade union group created in 1933
Name of the organisation that farmers were made to be apart of
Name of Darre's ideological promise of prosperity to farmers
Name of the organisation that gave incentives to the German work force, which included cruises and theater trips
Economic plan introduced by the Nazis in 1936, that historians suggest shows Hitler's intent to go to war
Name of the most famous German steel company in Nazi Germany
Finance strategy the Nazis implemented from 1933, spending more money than they earned through tax and industrial profits
Conflict whereby the German's were able to support Franco's troops and test the army for the fist time since rearmament
Name of the German motorway built as a result of Nazi public work schemes
Name of the period of prosperity in the Weimar Republic
Name of the German currency reinstated by Hitler when the Nazis came to power
Phase of Nazi economics between 1933 - 36

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