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can you answer all questionsinfo
what is the woman called who asks you for your gun on episode 1
what is shauns friend called in episode 1
what is the city called that lee and others end up in
who kills brenda st john
what group is boyd from
what is the hotel called that clementines parents stay at
what is the crazy woman in the woods name who shouts at danny and lee
what happends to carly/doug in episode 3
who was giving medical supplies to the bandits
who said that there dad was in armed forces
what is bens last name
what does chuck say to clementine which annoys lee
who shares a drink with chuck
who enjoys civil war history apart from lee
what can lee fix at the st john farm
what is the cow called on the farm
what does kenny call lee when he is picking a lock
can you answer all questionsinfo
who saved carly from when her tv van was bein attacked
what type of farm did the st johns own
where did chuck have his last stand
what is the mans surname who contacts clementine on the walkie talkie
who can lee choice to save or die on episode 4
in episode 5 who is the first walker who gets in the house
in the house in episode 4 what was the childs name who died of starvation
what is ducks real name
how many episodes where there
what is lees surname
what has larry got medical wise
what is kennys plan through out the whole game
was the ending sad
who says'for whom the bell tolls'
who says ' you had to go snooping around didnt ya'
who calls lee a chicken

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