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1. This military alliance of Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1938.
2. This fascist political party of Romania, created by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, received great supports from the Nazi Party.
3. Name the mistress of King Carol II, who strongly provoked the disagreement of #2 towards the country.
4. Name the reaction of Romania towards the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
5. This territory and Northern Bukovina was annexed by the Soviet Union, that simultaneously dragged Romania into the war.
6. Romania joined this military alliance inevitably at first in 1940.
7. This country demanded Romania to renounce Northern Transylvania to them.
8. Bulgaria claimed this southern territory of Romania during the Occupation of Northern Bukovina and #5.
9. Under fascist dictatorship, a large amount of this ethnic were deported to German concentration camps.
10. Romanian fascist who proclaimed himself as 'Conducător' and ruled the country for 4 years.
11. Romania transfers a plethora of this object to Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht, the main reason of Nazi Germany urged Romania to form an alliance with them.
12. By reclaiming Northern Bukovina and #5, Romania participated this invasion in 1941.
13. This person was the second and last leader of #2, who once in a cooperation with #5, but gradually deteriorated.
14. These German objects frequently marched through the country.
15. Romania and other #6 members received heavy snows in this battle and ultimately lost the war in the Eastern Front.
16. This Romanian city known for large produces of #11 in the war.
17. This operation created by the U.S Air Force to sabotage the #11 fields in 1943.
18. #10 received a surprise coup d'état from King Michael I of Romania, and the country switched to this military alliance in 1944.
19. Name the mother of King Michael I, who was suspected by Nazi Germany as being the real power of Romania and tried to send her to concentration camps.
20. This country failed to promise Romania of being invaded and controlled by other countries.
21. This term describes the actions of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Ileana of Romania secretly supported the communist regime and betrayed their niece, King Michael I.
22. This country occupied Romania at the end of the war.
23. This person was the last PM of the Romanian monarchy also the first PM of the communist Romania.
24. Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and #23 forced King Michael I to abdicate by threatening to kill 5,000 of this occupation.
25. Name the year that Romanian monarchy ended.

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