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Can you name the the answers to these questions (each will be an answer where a letter of the alphabet is repeated?

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The first animal in the dictionaryAA
To argue over a small matterBB
The end of the spine otherwise known as tailboneCC
Film starring Vince Vaughn and Owen WilsonDD
European CountryEE
What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?FF
A person born into a non-magical family and is incapable of magicGG
Lives in one of the most famous mansions in the worldHH
US StateII
The largest annual pilgrimage in the worldJJ
Name of a playing period in PoloKK
A member of Destiny's ChildLL
The Desert FoxMM
Possibly Anthony Hopkin's greatest roleNN
KC and the Sunshine Band wanted you to shake itOO
Country that hosted a Thrilla between Muhammed Ali and Joe FrazierPP
Two Middle East CountriesQQ
A popular greeting in late DecemberRR
The act of caressing with the lipsSS
Caribbean NationTT
Characters in time travel films sometimes worry about thisUU
What a soldier wears on his day offVV
28th President of the USAWW
Film starring Vin DieselXX
A title given to descendants of the prophet MohammadYY
A type of rainZZ

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