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Which country has a median age of 23.6?
Which country has a life expectancy of 68.49?
Which country has a GDP of $2,100 per capita?
Which country exports cotton, wool, meat, tobacco; gold, mercury, uranium, natural gas, hydropower; machinery and shoes?
Which country has 34.49 infant deaths per 1000 live births?
The capital of which country has a population of 631,000?
Which country is home to Inylchek Glacier?
Which country has a life expectancy of 54?
Which country has a literacy level of 86%?
Which country became independent in 1968?
Which country has ethnic groups known as Fang and Bubi?
Which country has a GDP of $9.9 billion?
What country has a population growth rate of 2.70%?
Which country does it cost ú1,478.75 to fly to from London Heathrow using Air France?
Which city has an average anual rainfall of 31 inches?
Which city has an average midwinter temperature of -1C?
Which country became Christian in 999?
Which city got its name in 874?
Which city contains about three-fifths of its nations population?
Which city got its first Mayor in 1908?
In wich city can you see the Rau├░h├│lar?
What is the capital city of Laos? :P

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