Taylor Swift Songs by Hidden Messages

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Can you name the Taylor Swift song by its hidden message?

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Hidden MessageSongAlbum
Love and TheftFearless
You Are LovedTaylor Swift
Last Summer Was MagicalFearless (Platinum Edition)
Guess I Was Fooled By Your SmileFearless
I Found ItTaylor Swift
Sometimes, Love is ForeverTaylor Swift
What I Was Really Thinking When I Slammed the DoorFearless (Platinum Edition)
Someday I'll Find ThisFearless
Live in LoveTaylor Swift
Can't Tell Me NothinTaylor Swift
Time to Let GoTaylor Swift
I Won't Admit That I Want You to Come BackFearless (Platinum Edition)
I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm SorryFearless
I Loved You Before I Met YouFearless
We Always Want What We Can't ReachFearless (Platinum Edition)
Date Nice BoysTaylor Swift
Love Is Blind So You Couldn't See MeFearless
He Will Never KnowTaylor Swift
We Can't Go BackFearless
All I Ever Wanted Was the TruthFearless
Shake 'N' BakeTaylor Swift
I'll Never TellFearless (Platinum Edition)
God Bless Andrea SwiftFearless
If You Play These Games, We're Both Going To LoseFearless
You Made Things Change For MeFearless
You Are Not AloneTaylor Swift
Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, SamTaylor Swift
She Can Have YouFearless
I Cried While Recording ThisFearless

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