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A.Phoebe's stepbrother's wife
B.Ross' and Carol's son
C.What Monica gives to her neighbors to get to know them
D.Type of animal Clunkers was in the episode, 'TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs'
E.Joey's acting agent
F.What destroyed Monica's childhood boxes at her parent's house
G.Owner of Central Perk who is in love with Rachel
H.What band the friends see for Ross's birthday
I.What dessert Ross doesn't like
J.The name of Ross and Monica's mother
K.The name of Joey's girlfriend who hits him
L.Animal Phoebe refers to as a person whom another is meant to be with
M.Chandler's middle name
N.Chandler's mother's first name
O.Barry's profession
P.Name of the game show Joey appeared on in Season 10, Episode 11
Q.Chandler listens to a hypnosis tape to help him do this
R.Sport Ross tries to play to impress Emily
S.Name of Ross and Rachel's male nanny
T.Rachel's assistant who she is attracted to
U.Phoebe's twin sister
V.Name of Chandler's father's all male burlesque review
W.Brad Pitt's character he played in the episode 'TOW the Rumor'
X.Holiday where Ross dresses up as an armadillo, Chandler dresses as Santa, and Joey dresses as Superman
Y.Place where Chandler pretends to move to to get away from Janice
Z.Where Ross takes his pet monkey, Marcel to

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