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Can you name the Wrestlers from some of the people who have managed them?

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Eddie Gilbert,Missy Hyatt,Ted Dibiase,Robin Green,Leia Meow
Terri Runnels,Lita, Vickie Guerrero, Gangrel
Major Gunns, Jason Knight, Dawn Marie, Ivory
Clarence Mason, Teddy Long, Sunny, The Kat, Iron Sheik
Sunny, Chyna, Honky Tonk Man, Rico, Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes
Slick, Ted Dibiase, Jimmy Hart, Jim Cornette, Baby Doll
Captain Lou Albano,Jimmy Hart, Ted Dibiase, Kevin Sullivan
Ivory, Jacqueline, Teddy Long, Terri Runnels, Tiger Ali Singh
Afa, Iron Sheik, Captain Lou Albano, Bob Backlund
Oliver Humperdink, DDP, Paul E Dangerously, Luna Vachon
Kevin Sullivan, Shane McMahon, Jimmy Hart, Paul Heyman
Beulah McGillicutty, Francine, James Mitchell, Stevie Richards
Sister Sherri, Jacqueline, Midnight, Big Bossman
Mae Young, Teddy Long, Tony Atlas, Matt Striker
Booty Babe, Jimmy Hart, Elizabeth, Johnny Valiant
Raven, Torrie Wilson, Tygress, Dawn Marie
Johnny Polo, Harvey Wippleman, Steven Richards, James Vandenburg
Diesel, Sid, Sherri, Rick Rude, Luna Vachon
Genius, Bobby Heenan, DDP, Coach

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