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3 competitors in the Ground Zero triangle match
First three men to win both the WWE title and WCW title
First three men eliminated from the Wrestlemania 4 WWf tournament
3 Superstars with the longest royal rumble times in a single rumble
3 superstars who have had their royal rumble number stolen and used by another wrestler
Three teams to defeat Demolition for the tag titles
Nelson Frazier had three major alias/characters in WWF/E, what were they
The Final three WCW TV champions
Besides Booker T, what three WWE Superstars held the WCW title in WWE before being unified
What 3 men lost the main event 6man tag at the King of the Ring 2000
Who were the three memers of Xfactor
In 1999, Bret Hart won the WCW title in a tournament, who were the first three men he defeated in that tournament

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