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Worldwide governing body of the Games, and of most adaptive sports
Its current president is Sir Philip Craven, a former Paralympic competitor for Great Britain. 
Father of the Paralympic movement
He was a German Jewish neurologist who sought refuge in England during WWII and organized sporting events for British war veterans. 
Precursor event to the modern Paralympic Games, held in 1948 and 1952
The first games at Stoke Mandeville, England, opened on July 28, 1948, the same day the Olympics opened in London. 
Year of the event now considered the first Summer Paralympic Games
They were organized under the name 'International Stoke Mandeville Games for the Paralysed.' 
First Summer Paralympic host city
The host country came away with the most medals, with Great Britain second and Germany third.  
Year of the event now considered the first Winter Paralympic Games
They were organized under the name 'Winter Olympic Games for the Disabled.' 
First Winter Paralympic host city (or just country)
West Germany, Switzerland, and Finland led the medal count. 
Year the word 'Paralympics' was first adopted for the event
Until then, the Games had been held under various names. 
Meaning of the prefix 'para' in Greek
Some sources state that the word was originally a portmanteau of the words 'paralyzed' and 'Olympics,' but this is not the official explanation. 
Paralympic motto
Until 2004, the motto was 'Mind, Body, Spirit.' 
Only country to host the Paralympics but never the Olympics
The 1968 Summer Games coincided with the 20th anniversary of the host country's independence. 
Number of sports scheduled for London 2012
Two answers are accepted, since some sources list track cycling and road cycling as separate sports, while others group them together. 
Three colors of the Paralympic emblem
The current emblem was adopted in 2006. It consists of three 'agitos,' which are remarkably similar to the Nike swoosh. 
Major disability class NOT included in the Paralympics, except in 1996, 2000 & 2012
These athletes compete primarily in the Special Olympics. They have been included in certain sports in some Paralympic Games. 
Major disability class NOT included in the Paralympics
These athletes compete in a separate event that has been held quadrennially since 1924. 
All-time Paralympic medal count leader
Germany/West Germany is second, Great Britain third. 
Sports included in the Paralympics but not the Olympics
A team sport played by visually impaired athletes who try to throw or roll a ball with a bell inside it across the endline. 
A sport similar to lawn bowling, played in both teams and pairs, primarily by athletes with cerebral palsy. 
A team sport played by wheelchair athletes, primarily low-level quadriplegics 
Although it is similar to the Olympic sport of weightlifting, this sport is contested with the upper body only. 
Paralympic athlete who made headlines by competing in the 2012 Olympics in Athletics
The South African, who competes on two lower-leg prosthetics, is only one of at least seven people to compete in both Games. 
Number of Paralympic medals won by swimmer Trischa Zorn (USA), most decorated Paralympian of all time
41 of them were gold. Her career spanned 7 Paralympics (1980-2004) 
Sport practiced by Pál Szekeres (HUN), only person to win medals in both the Olympics and the Paralympics
He won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics, then was disabled in a bus accident and went on to win three gold medals and three bronze at the Paralympics. 

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