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longest river in the world
Animation film about a penguin
Capital of england
What is y worth in a game of scrabble?
5squared +6
Biggest island in the world
U cant touch this singer
first single off the awakening-james morrison
what is acousticophobia a fear of?
what french food is commonly known as escargots?
name the two albums by adele
bob marly-three _ _?
are triceps on the arms or the legs?
which shop is known for not testing on animals?
mariah carey christmas song
what year was george sampson the winner of britains got talent?
what continent is mongolia in?
which famous actor plays the voice of zazu in the disney film 'the lion king'?
which famous singer has sung songs like 'kickstarts and changed the way you kiss me'?
how many letters in the alpabet?
french word for dog
how many planets are in the solar system?
Which common small type of dog was originally bred to catch rats?
how many uk number one singles has elvis presley had?
what is the biggest country in the world?
Who plays Emmett in the series twilight?
What is the rapper Eminem's first name?
What is the only english word that ends in the letters 'mt'
Which animal has striped skin, not just striped fur?
Which flag has stripes sideways which are black, yellow and red?
How many books are in the series of unfortunate events?

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