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What valkyrie was Chris communicating with?
Valhalley of the dolls 
What magical beings were the charmed ones dealing with?
Forget me...not 
Which stillman sister inpersonated Paige?
Power of three blondes 
What two familys were in the feud?
Love's a witch 
What was Pipers desire?
My three witches 
Who was Paiges innocent?
Soul surviver 
What was Wyatt destined to control?
Sword and the city 
What kind of creature was the babys mother?
Little monsters 
Who was Chris' fiance in the future?
What item took Paige back into the past?
What do Paige and Phoebe conjure for Piper?
Prince charmed 
Whos karma did Phoebe get?
Used Karma 
What place do the charmed ones discover exists?
The legend of sleepy Halliwell 
What was Jinnys first wish after Richard turned into a genie?
I dream of Phoebe 
What plane of existence were Leo and Piper sent to?
The courtship of Wyatts father 
Whos high school reunion was it?
Hyde school reunion 
What being did the spider demon feed on at the beginning of the episode?
Spin city 
Who video tapes the charmed ones vanquish?
Crimes and Witch-Demeanors 
What does Chris get arrested for?
A wrong days journey into right 
Whos the crime reporter at the bay mirror?
Witch wars 
Who tried to kill Wyatt?
Its a bad bad bad bad world 

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