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Can you name the charmed trivia season 7?

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Who is hired to do Phoebes job while she takes a sebatical?
A call to arms 
Who is conjured out of a book?
The bare witch project 
What is Piper against doing?
Cheaper by the coven 
Which charmed one grows really old?
What kind of spell does Paige cast on Arthur ?
Styx feet under 
Who does Paige orb out in front of?
Once in a blue moon 
What was stolen from Paige?
Someone to witch over me 
What book are Paige and Kyle sucked into?
Charmed noir 
What do the charmed ones throw at the demons to make them visible ?
Theres something about Leo 
Who do the charmed ones protect?
Witchness protection 
What year do Paige and Kyle go back to?
Ordinary witches 
What beings help change the world?
Extreme makeover:World edition 
Who kills himself to show the sisters that the world the avatars created are bad?
What demon turns into robin hood?
Carpe demon 
What kind of food did Phoebe and Paige order before Leo and Piper took their vacation?
Show ghouls 
Where does Leo end up when his memory is erased?
The seven year witch 
Where does Wyatt inprison Piper and Leo?
Scry hard 
Which demon pretends to be the old guardian of the box?
Little box of horrors 
What do the demons take from Phoebe?
Freaky Phoebe 
Who comes back from the future?
Imaginary fiends 
Whos party does Piper try to throw?
Death becomes them 
What demon is finally vanquished?
Something Wicca this way goes 

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