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What evil beings do the charmed ones face?
a witch's tail 
What fairytale character does Phoebe become?
happily ever after 
Which two people switched places for the day?
siren song 
Which magical being comes to the manor?
witches in tights 
Whats the symbol of the gypsy's?
the eyes have it 
What was Pipers fear?
sympathy for the demon 
Who did Phoebe keep trying to save?
a witch in time 
Who was Paiges first charge?
sam i am 
How does Darryl explain to the police why the charmed ones are always at the crime scene?
Y tu mummy tambian 
What were the demons searching for?
the importance of being Phoebe 
What demon was alive again in this episode?
centennial charmed 
What does Phoebe turn Spencer ricks into?
house call 
Whats the name of the clown Paige owned?
sand francisco dreamin 
What was Victors new wife?
the day the magic died 
What demon hired the hawkers to kidnap Wyatt?
babys first demon 
Who was Phoebes online date?
lucky charmed 
What was this episode centered around?
cat house 
What do you have to drink out of to become immortal?
nymphs just wanna have fun 
What sense does Paige loose?
sense and sense ability 
Who was in love with the necromancer?
necromancing the stone 
Who plays Chris from the future?
oh my goddess 

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