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What long lost sister do Phoebe and Piper meet?
Charmed again 
What spell does Paige use on the mail delivery guy Billy?
Hell hath no fury 
Whats the name of the weapon An-ling requires to defeat Yen-lo?
Enter the demon 
Which sister gets shrunk first?
Size matters 
What was Paige in her past life?
A knight to remember 
What is the manor turned into in pipers mind?
Brain Drain 
What does Paige rent for Leo and Piper?
Black as Cole 
What does the warlock use to steal the muses?
Muse to my ears 
How does Paige survive the car crash?
A paige from the past 
What was the name of the jurer who had the angel pin?
Trial by magic 
Instead of a spell that rhymed what did Paige create to vanquish Ludlow?
Lost and Bound 
Who gets posessed at the end of the episode by the hallow?
Charmed and dangerous 
When Phoebe cast the spell to hear her hearts desire what did she want to know?
The three faces of Phoebe 
What happens to Phoebe on her wedding day?
What paper does Phoebe start to work at?
the fifth halliwell 
What are the names of the two ghosts who haunt Leo?
Saving private Leo 
What does Paige transform into?
Bite me 
Which demon wants to be Coles queen?
Were off to see the wizard 
Whats the name of the demon Phoebe was on a first name basis with?
long live the queen 
Who steals Phoebes baby?
womb raider 
How long is the road construction supposed to go on for outside the manor?
witch way now? 

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