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Can you name the Can you name the TV, Movies or Literature with an Island Theme?

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Island HintsMovies, TV, Books
Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, The 'Others'
Family marooned in East Indies
Story by Daniel Defoe
Tom Hanks, 'Wilson!'
William Golding Book, 'Piggy'
Bob Denver, 3-hour tour
Chateau d'If, Edmond Dantes
Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian
Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver
Herbie, Charlie in a Box
'The plane! The plane!'
Island HintsMovies, TV, Books
Ben Affleck, Dec. 7, 1945
Mackinac Island, Jane Seymour
'Book 'em Danno!'
Tom Selleck, John Hillerman
Circe, Cyclops
Lincoln Six Echo, Michael Bay
Clark Gable, Joan Crawford
Isla Nubar, Dr. Alan Grant
Ken Watanabe, Clint Eastwood
'I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!'
Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage

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