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Forced Order
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'We're standing buck naked in front of George Bush with our dick in his daughter's mouth'
Esteban Reyes attended this American university
SeƱor Flippy Floppy
'Strange' Botwin
Sanjay's son's name
The total number of Andy's toes
Lacy Laplante
Judah Botwin's occupation
'I don't smell with my coochie'
'Picture Agrestic as an airplane, a grand soaring jet, carrying us through the sky. I think you all need to understand there are mother f***ing snakes on this mother f***ing plane'
Dean suggests putting these under Celia's door in order to get back at her for stealing his marijuana (which he stole from Doug and Silas)
Dean buys one of these with his earnings from Isabelle's Huskeroo commercials
The Los Angeles suburb the Botwins initially resided in
Megan gets accepted to this university
Shane's first boob
'Baby, once I nail something it stays nailed'
They're mostly urban
The first Mrs. Scottson's first name
He taught Nancy how to drive-by
'So far I've written that being a Jew means I have no foreskin and I may be a Tay-Sachs carrier'
'I was thinking of going bigger... really big. Like freak show big. 47 triple-F's. So large other, smaller breasts will want to orbit them.
Celia's major in college
Shane's favorite east-coast city
The 'front' for Conrad and Heylia's grow-house
Ignacio's wrestling stage-name
Andy's fake identity while he is AWOL from the Army
Celia's anti-drug mascot
'If I got shot in my jerk-off arm I'd be mad too'
Andy bought one of these with Lenny's gambling money when he was a kid
According to Clinique, he's gayer than a handbag full of rainbows
Dean's new office is located next to what kind of establishment?
Celia's lover and Nancy's boss in season 3
'You can't miss the bear'
She plays Andy's current girlfriend, Audra
Nancy uses this kind of pillow to smother Andy's grandmother
She plays Silas' Christian fundamentalist girlfriend
Andy's new car in season 5
You should never question her eyeballing - she's the rainman of weed
Guillermo's nationality
He raps about Nancy's MILF weed
Almond-based confection shaped like Nancy's brother-in-law
He plays the bicycle cop who arrests Andy for possession of marijuana
The name of the storage facility Celia hides out in at the end of season 5
She kidnaps her mother in Mexico
Nancy hires him to kill Pilar, not knowing that he worked for her
Agent Wonderbread
He kills U-Turn
'Hey Sanjay, looking mighty homosexual today. Way to own it, sister'
Conrad's relation to Heylia

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