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The most electronegative element
The element with the most metallic character
Chiefly responsible for the relatively high boiling point of water
Unlike for solids, the solubility of gases is dependent on this factor
A neutral atom that contains half-filled 4p orbitals
Describes a system in which the forward and reverse reactions are occurring at equal rates
Dropping a salt crystal in this type of solution forces more particles to crystallize
A gas produced by the reaction of calcium carbonate with dilute hydrochloric acid
The only gases not found as diatomic molecules in nature
The average kinetic energy of a molecule is dependent solely on this
The rate of effusion between two gases is inversely proportional to the __________ of the mass of its particles
In the electroplating of a spoon with silver, this is the cathode
Metallic oxides react with water to form solutions of this nature
The acid formed by the addition of sulfur dioxide to water
This type of reaction occurs when two silver ions and a sulfate ion react to form silver sulfate
This quantitative quality of gases is inversely proportional to pressure
Diamond and quartz are two examples of this kind of solid
The weakest type of intermolecular attraction
A negative value for this indicates that the reaction is spontaneous
A positive value for this indicates that the reaction is spontaenous
Burning barium nitrate produces a flame of this color
The quantity used in the calculation of freezing point depression
By definition, the addition of this to any solution will not affect its pH
Emitted by a Ra-222 nucleus undergoing natural transmutation
Chiefly responsible for the high energy output of the sun
Condensing a gas into a liquid while temperature remains constant will decrease the value of this
According to this definition, bases are electron donors
Two liters of a 0.2-molar solution of sulfuric acid will contain this many moles of hydrogen ions
This type of reaction occurs when a zinc strip is placed in a copper sulfate solution
When the vapor pressure of a liquid equals atmospheric pressure, this occurs
A molecule of ammonia will have this shape
A molecule of boron trifluoride will have this shape
Will have the same molecular formula but a different structural formula
Acids, bases, and salts belong in this category
The fourth principal energy level can hold this many electrons in total
The difference of this value determines the polarity of a bond
The only factor that can change the equilibrium constant for a system
Dissolving zinc perchlorate in water forms a solution of this nature
The technique used to separate a homogenous mixture based on differences in their boiling points
The name of the homologous series of saturated hydrocarbons
This solid sublimes at room temperature, giving off a purple vapor
This type of bonding allows solids to conduct electricity
A gas produced by the reaction of zinc with dilute hydrochloric acid
Is the empirical formula for 2-pentene
The density of argon gas at STP
A solid, nonmetal with an allotropic form that conducts electricity
0.1L of silver nitrate solution completely reacts with sodium chloride to precipitate 7.16 grams of silver chloride. This is the concentration of silver ions in the original soluti
The reducing agent when ammonia reacts with oxygen gas to form nitric oxide and water
In the electrolysis of water, this will be formed at the anode
The pH of a 0.005-molar solution of strontium hydroxide

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