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Can you name the missing word from various Broadway songs?

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LyricMissing WordMusical
You're living in America, leave your _________ at the toneRENT
For life is quite absurd and _____'s the final wordSpamalot
With a mallet and some clippers you find out new _____ slippers!Urinetown
I come back, open the door, there's Veronica and Charlie doing number _________, the spread eagleChicago
Step Five, we close on Broadway, take our two million and go to ___ The Producers
I can do most anything! Can you bake a ___? No. Neither can I.Annie Get Your Gun
life's more painless for the _________ why think too hard? when it's so soothing Wicked
Floating, falling, sweet ____________. Touch me, trust me, savor each sensationPhantom of the Opera
And happy ever after... I ____!Into the Woods
I go up to my room, turn the stereo on, shoot up some you and the you is some ____Spring Awakening
When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when ________ comes!Les Miserables
LyricMissing WordMusical
Superboy and the Invisible Girl He's the one you wish would ______Next to Normal
Oh say, can you see my ____ if you can, then my hair's too shortHair
I have often walked down this street before; But the ________ always stayed beneath my feet before. My Fair Lady
Haven't you noticed suddenly I'm bright and ______? The King and I
Say it loud and there's music playing, Say it soft and it's almost like _______West Side Story
All you will see Is a girl you once knew, although she's dressd up to the _____, at sixes and sevens with youEvita
No, y'see, the trouble with poet is 'Ow do you know it's ________? Try the priest!Sweeney Todd
I cook like Betty Crocker, and I look like _____ ____Little Shop of Horrors
He doesn't like the way I look. He doesn't like the way I _____. He doesn't like the way I...A Chorus Line
In my ivory tower life was just a hostess snack but now I've tasted _________ and I'm never going backHairspray

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