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HintName of villain
Tried to take apart the bomb that was attached to Vance's car and blew up the navy yard.
Killed Shannon and Kelly Gibbs.
The Frog, French arms dealer.
Used his dead brothers DNA to make it look like he had committed suicide.
Worked for Reynosa Drug Cartel, killed his sister by mistake.
Child, member of 'The Calling', shot Gibbs.
Was the NCIS mole, killed on a bus as a human shield.
Daughter of Pedro, tried to kill Jackson Gibbs.
Killed by Ziva whilst undercover as Gina.
HintName of villain
The Port to Port killer.
Killed Kate.
Hired the hit man that killed Eli David and Jackie Vance.
Killed Diane Sterling in the same way Kate was killed.
Abby's assistant, planted evidence to set Tony up for murder.
British, leader of the terrorist group 'The Calling'.
Stole a drone that dropped the bomb, paralyzing Delilah Fielding.
Held Ziva prisoner at a Somalian terrorist camp. Killed by Gibbs.
Ziva's ex-boyfriend, Mossad agent, killed by Tony.

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