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Can you name the Friends Trivia from The Last one?

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What is the very last line of the show?
Who says the last line of the show?
What was Joeys house warming gift for Monica and Chandler?
Which airport was Rachel at?
Which airport did Ross and Phoebe go to?
What are Monica and Chandler's children called?
Who destroys the Foosball table?
Did Erica have a boy or a girl first?
Who was taking Emma to Paris?
What did Rachel say when she walked through the door after Ross listening to his messages?
What is the last thing the camera focuses on in the show?
Who says 'Precious!' to Monica when listening to the twins on the phone?
How much did the toll booth cost Ross and Phoebe?
'Don't take no for an answer!...' what is the next line?
What does Gunther say to Rachel about her leaving?
How does Rachel describe Gunthers hair?
Where does Erica say she is going for summer?
Where does Joey think the original chick and duck are?
What colour jacket does Chandler have on at the very end of the show?
When Chandler asks Monica which baby one is, who does she guess?
Why is there a big splodge on Joeys welcome home sign?
How early are Monica and Chandler's babies?
Who made the twins an amazing welcome home sign that was better than Joeys?
What did phoebe say was wrong with Rachel's plane?
Who says,'I guess we'll never know how it ends'

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