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QUIZ: Can you name the Friends Trivia: Joeys Magna Doodle?

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What was on the Magna DoodleWhat episode was it?What it means
'No work'
'Thanks for all your stuff'Chandler and Joey got robbed
'I love you man'Joey thanking Chandler for replacing all their stuff that got robbed
The moon with an American flag in it
Drawing of a worm sitting on top of a mushroom and a bunny sitting underneath.
Drawing of a Volcano
Drawing of a unicorn and love hearts
A Santa Claus puppetIts Christmas
An astronaut standing on the moon
An island, a man in a boat, and a shark in the water
'Joey, Carole wants you to call her!'
'Nice nails Chandler'Rachel and Chandler get a manicure
What was on the Magna DoodleWhat episode was it?What it means
'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,I'm sorryChandler is sorry for kissing Cathy
A big smiley face
'C.B. + M.G. 4 EVER'They're trying to freak out Chandler
'Joey-call Kim'
A motorbike
'USDA PRIME' in a shield
Police cars and helicopter surrounding a house.Rachel and Chandler think they're being illegal
'1 happy happy'It's Emmas birthday
A banana holding an umbrella
The sun and moon
A bicycle
'Happy Birthday RACH'Its Rachel's birthday

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