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Who is Ross's second wife?
Which friend is an actor?
Who is jack?
What are the names of phoebes nieces?
Who is Rachels 'crush' in season 4?
Who thinks Chandler has moved to Yemen?
Why do Joshua and Rachel break up?
Why didn't rachel enjoy her and ross's first date?
Who says 'from now on i'm gonna be funny sometimes and not funny others'?
Who got off the plane?
What line changed ross and rachels live forever?
What is the first line of the Pilot?
Who says the last line of the show ever?
Who does Phoebe end up marrying?
How many episodes are there of friends?
Who is susan?
Whos' son is Ben?
How long is joey meant to not eat meat for Phoebe?
Which episode does chandler tell monica they're moving to Tulsa?
Who says 'dinosaurs is fine. The drawing is not'?
What is the name of Minica and Chandlers children biological mother?
What does Emily say when Ross tells her he loves her?
What does it say on Ross's back in 'The one after Vegas' when Ross and Rachel wake up?
What car does Joey find the keys to?
Why has Joey never been throught the metephorical tunnel?

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