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Can you name the random characters, items, monsters, and bosses from certain Zelda Games?

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Hint Answer
Characters: The Heroic Airhead
The damsel in distress
The green-skinned maniac
The big pig
The annoying fairy partner
The mischevious Imp
The other annoying fairy partner
The other annoying fairy partner's brother
Link's only manly guide
The bumbling Owl
The masquarading creeper
The one in the big orange hat
The marathon runner
'... Let's not bring my wife into this...'
The 35-year-old map man
The Star Crossed Lover
The Star Crossed Lover
The Naruto-esque pikachu thing
The Creepy Old Clown Guy
The Other Creepy Old Clown Guy
The Harry Potter-esque bookworm
The Chicken thing... it be creepin..
The Epic Snowboarder
The Epic Snowboarder's adorable wife
Link's insecure mini-me
The owner of the Bar
The Injured Prince
The spunky pirate
The Eskomo merchant
'KABOOOOM!!!!...... sploooosh....'
The bad boys of Windfall
The rito prince
Orca's brother
The one with the violin
Valoo's Attendant
The Goddess of Power
The Goddess of Wisdom
The Goddess of Courage
Sage of Forest
Sage of Fire
Sage of Water
Sage of Shadow
Sage of Spirit
Sage of Light
The Old Sage of Wind
The Old Sage of Earth
A God of Wind
Hint Answer
Another God of Wind
The Childish Queen
The sassy fairies
Items: it's shiny, portable, and it carries stuff!
Link.. fill up your ________!!!
get 4 or 5 of these to complete one
get this for life energy :D!
shoot enemies with these
'they're only heavy when i'm WEARING them!'
magical suit wastes ruppees, but at least you stay alive!
race dead dampe for this item
when rito didn't fly, they used these!
with these you can levitate! the downside? NO TRACTION
without this, you'll drown!
spinning top!
it's heavy, so go smash stuff with it!
you can use this to fly from place to place
it's always coming back to you!
goron's special crop
flute-like instrument
it tastes yucky, but heals your magic and health!
go to the ranch for some of this
Jack can't get enough of these..
so cold, it melts everything!
long-range projectile weapon
kiddie long-range projectile weapon
they look like mice, but they go splodey!
the clawwwwww
get around locked doors with these!
Can't get to the Boss without one
The first thing you find in a Dungeon
made of wood, so it burns easily
protects you from enemies
With this you can walk in lava and not die! ... kind of...
Collect 20 of these
can't carry your money without it
take pictures with this!
find 8 of these o.e
use these to lift heavy rocks!
melt stuff with these
freeze stuff with these
kill ganondorf with these
Hint Answer
you can play wack-a-mole with this
can't get around the Great Sea without it
Look at things that a far away with this
an epic sword of epic epicness
Conduct people!
hold arrows in this
Enemies: little guys that hide in flowers
evil purple buds that attack you
They hug you to death
squishy monster's that steal your stuff
Looks like a crow..
I thought they were jumping crabs...
Creepy spiders that pop out of nowhere!
annoying sword-fighting skeletons
they come out at night to haunt you
flying skulls...
if you give them food, they won't hurt you
squash these guys flat with your skull hammer
that's a lot of eyes....
jelly-like monsters
kill these with your boomerang
Cowardly humanoid lizards that fight in pairs
aim for it's tail, but avoid it's flame
They shoot lazers at you
they look like octopii
they dance in the fires of hell!
A knight armed with a heavy axe
they hide in the sand and spin to attack
a giant creepy hand
you can collect these dead things
they have huge staffs and look like pigs..
purple sharks that don't really do anything..
I like to think of them as purple Jamacians..
they barf ice at you..
the skull kid controls these....
you have to kill all of these at once, or they'll come back to life
Catch these in the Lakebed Temple!
kill these to collect tears of light
suicidal rats
The boss of the skullfish. kill this sucker, and the whole school dies
this guys bear wands and throw fire and stuff at you
Fight these guys in Ikana Village
Hint Answer
Goron-like monsters that explode when you hit them
Turtles that attack you by spinning around with spikes
The only bird that steals rupees from you
a giant creepy hand that hides on the wall
spiders on the wall!
white dogs!
snow monsters that throw snowballs at you
more annoying than fire keese
Bosses: Great Deku Tree
Dodongo's Cavern
Jabu Jabu's Belly
Forest Temple
Fire Temple
Water Temple
Shadow Temple
Spirit Temple
Miniboss; Water Temple
Miniboss; Shadow Temple
Woodfall Temple
Snowhead Temple
Great Bay Temple
Stone Tower Temple
MM; Phase one
MM; Phase two
MM; Phase three
Dragon Roost
Forbidden Woods
Tower of the Gods
Forsaken Fortress
Miniboss; Forsaken Fortress
Earth Temple
Wind Temple
Miniboss; Ganon's Tower (WW)
Faron Woods
Goron Mines
Lakebed Temple
Arbiter's Grounds
Miniboss; Arbiter's Grounds
Snowpeak Ruins
Temple of Time
City in the Sky
Twilight Realm
The Boss of Bosses

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