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The Founding of Rome
According to legend which twin brothers founded Rome? 
The boys were left in a basket by their parents on which river? 
Which animal found and raised them? 
One of the brothers killed the other and started to build the city on which hill? 
King Arthur
According to legend, against whom did King Arthur lead the defense of Britain? 
Which feature did King Arthur and his knights congregate around? 
According to some stories, which sword did the Lady of the Lake give to King Arthur? 
Which wizard was his close ally? 
Lady Godiva
According to legend, which city did Lady Godiva ride naked through? 
Her husband told her he would reduce what if she rode through the city naked? 
Lady Godiva ordered the people not to look at her, but what was the name of the one man who did look? 
The Trojan War
According to legend, the Trojan war started because who took Helen from her husband? 
The war was between the the Achaeans and which city? 
To win the war, the Achaeans built a massive structure of which animal as a subterfuge? 
According to legend, Medusa had what for hair? 
Gazers would turn to what if they looked at her face? 
Who managed to behead Medusa? 
Robin Hood
According to legend, Robin Hood stole from whom? 
What were his accomplices called? 
Which forest did Robin Hood live in?  
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