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Can you answer the questions concerning Matt Damon hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Damon doesn't like Kimmel due to Kimmel regularly ending his shows - aired on _____ - by saying that he's 'ran out of time' for him
Damon replaces Guillermo with this Cuban actor who starred opposite Damon in the Ocean's Trilogy
He also replaces bandleader, Cleto with this singer whose last name is the same as the animal whose collective noun is 'murder'
This actor and co-writer of Good Will Hunting then betrays Damon by hijacking Damon's monologue, tricking him into praising Kimmel
Damon then uses this Apple voice recognition computer programme to find the 'best stand-up comedian in the world'
The computer programme finds this comedian who starred opposite Damon in Good Will Hunting
Damon says Kimmel hates him because he took all the roles Kimmel auditioned for such as this animated sequel about penguins
Kimmel also auditioned for Good Will Hunting, We Bought a Zoo, Stuck on You, The Bourne Ultimatum and this 2011 Emily Blunt movie
Damon is then congratulated by a whole host of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Sally Field and this actor who played Vito Corleone
He is also lauded by John Krasinski, Don Cheadle, Oprah Winfrey and Kimmle's parents who have mugs of this 2006 Scorsese movie
Damon's first guest is Nicole Kidman, who 'confesses' she is a _____ as she has a problem with stealing
Kidman says she loves this actor who has appeared in movies such as The Fifth Element, Air Force One and Kung Fu Panda 2
The actor above then enters the stage and says he would love to work with this Italian born actress who was in American Hustle
The actress above then enters the stage giving Damon the chance to mock Kimmel on not winning this TV version of an Oscar
Guillermo's replacement then finds this actress on the street who starred in Legally Blonde
Guillermo's replacement then finds another actress, Bruce Willis' and Ashton Kutcher's former wife, who also doesn't like Kimmel
The above actress then says she's never come on Kimmel's show before because he served her DiGiorno instead of homemade _____
Damon also talks to this actress who dated Kimmel for 5 years, but had made a video declaring that she had had sex with Damon

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