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Can you say if the following individuals have won an oscar or not?

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Individual (Y)es or (N)o
Christian Bale
Robert Downey Jr.
Kathryn Bigelow
Tim Burton
Annette Bening
Julie Andrews
Marilyn Monroe
Tom Cruise
Jennifer Lawrence
Robin Williams
Glenn Close
David Fincher
Heath Ledger
Johnny Depp
Ian McKellen
Hans Zimmer
Sigourney Weaver
Gary Oldman
Gabourey Sidibe
Morgan Freeman
Individual (Y)es or (N)o
Willem Dafoe
Nicolas Cage
Forest Whitaker
Samuel L. Jackson
Ridley Scott
Mia Farrow
James Franco
Robert De Niro
Hattie McDaniel
Don Cheadle
Peter Capaldi
Kathy Bates
Edward Norton
Tim Robbins
Christopher Nolan
Marlon Brando
James Dean
Halle Berry
Sofia Coppola

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