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Can you deduce if the following sentences contain a comma splice or not?

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Paul loves to travel, he visits Hungary at least once a year.
Flying back from Greece, we saw a beautiful sunset.
I always find writing essays difficult, I usually leave them to the last minute.
She makes a smashing apple pie, I love it.
My family bakes together nearly every night, we then get to enjoy everything we make together.
My estate goes to my husband, son, daughter-in-law, and nephew.
He walked all the way home, he shut the door.
He walked all the way home, and he shut the door.
Having finally arrived in town, we went shopping.
Between your house on Main Street and my house on Grand Avenue, the mayor's mansion stands proudly.
Entrepreneurship is the study of small businesses, college students are embracing it enthusiastically.
I can go, can't I?
My father is chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, he also heads the Warrant Commission.
Why, I can't believe this!
All over the country, people sell products over the Internet, these people are making impressive profits.
One person had been exporting farm equipment, in fact he exports over 30,000 pieces of machinery a year.
Jill, who is my sister, shut the door.
After the sixth inning, I went home, my family stayed.
It was in the Sun's June 5, 2003, edition.
Formal courses at the graduate level are now being taken by many elderly citizens, some schools even offer them special programs.
I can't go, can't I?
While time often erases bad memories, my ex-girlfriend never forgets anything, she even remembers things that happened over five years ago.
I believe that the teacher has been grading me unfairly, all she does is look for minor mistakes.
That is my money, not yours.
Sleeping bags, pans, warm clothing, etc., are in the tent.
Even though the semester is almost over, the teacher does not know my name, she confuses me with other students.
China, one of the most powerful nations on Earth, has a huge population.
Hearing that her father was in hospital, Jane left work immediately.
The team valiantly ran down the field, still they could not score a touchdown.
The car smashed into the wall, flipped onto its roof, slid along the road, and finally stopped against a tree.

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