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CharactersLimit BreaksDescription
Cloud Level 1This involves Cloud jumping up into the air and vertically slashing a single enemy.
Cloud Level 1This attack does 3 slashes to a single enemy.
Cloud Level 2This involves Cloud slamming his blade to the ground sending a shockwave to the main target enemy.
Cloud Level 2Cloud slices into a single enemy, then jumps upwards with his sword still in the enemy.
Cloud Level 3Cloud spins his blade around then jumps up into the air and creating meteors with his blade which attack all enemies.
Cloud Level 3This involves Cloud creating a tornado with his blade which blows all enemies away.
Cloud Level 4Cloud slashes at random enemies 15 times in total for massive damage.
Barret Level 1Barret powers up a big blast and fires it at a single enemy.
Barret Level 1Barret powers up a blast that takes away enemy’s Magic Points.
Barret Level 2Barret launches a Grenade into the enemy’s area. It explodes and hits all enemies.
Barret Level 2If the attack actually hits, it kills the enemy in one hit.
Barret Level 3This involves Barret crossing lasers across the ground and hitting all enemies.
Barret Level 3Barret does 18 shots to random enemies.
Barret Level 4Barret does 20 strong blasts of energy to random enemies.
Tifa Level 1Tifa rushes at an enemy and punches them a few times.
Tifa Level 1Tifa then somersaults into the air, kicking the enemy.
Tifa Level 2Tifa kicks the middle of the enemy and water comes up out of nowhere.
Tifa Level 2Tifa picks up the enemy and slams them to the ground, wrestling style.
Tifa Level 3Tifa uppercuts the enemy and a dolphin appears.
Tifa Level 3Tifa picks up the enemy and throws them to the ground.
Tifa Level 4Tifa’s final attack involves her creating a giant energy blast and firing it at all enemies.
Aeris Level 1 This cures the entire party for half their full Hit Points.
Aeris Level 1 Aeris casts a spell that basically stops weak enemies from moving and casting magic.
Aeris Level 2Aeris cures all status ailments.
Aeris Level 2Aeris fills the other two party members’ limit bars to the top.
Aeris Level 3This limit makes all party members temporarily invincible.
Aeris Level 3This restores all party members’ Hit Points and Magic Points and also fully restores Hit Points and Magic Points to fainted members.
Aeris Level 4This makes all party members invincible for the battle and restores all their Hit Points and Magic Points.
CharactersLimit BreaksDescription
Red XIII Level 1Red XIII dashes at and attacks a single enemy.
Red XIII Level 1Red XIII casts Haste on the whole party.
Red XIII Level 2Red XIII dashes at a single enemy and his Hit Points and Magic Points are regained according to the opponent’s Magic Points.
Red XIII Level 2This involves Red XIII sending 10 star-shaped things at all enemies.
Red XIII Level 3In this limit, Red XIII casts Haste, Berserk on himself and randomly attacks enemies.
Red XIII Level 3Red XIII hits up to 5 enemies at once.
Red XIII Level 4This limit involves Red XIII attacking all enemies once for very high damage.
Cait Sith Level 1The damage done is the sum of the ___ numbers multiplied by 100.
Cait Sith Level 2A slot appears on the screen.
Cid Level 1Cid just jumps into the air and slashes downwards with his spear.
Cid Level 1Cid uses his cigarette to light a stick of dynamite which he hurls into the enemies hitting all of them.
Cid Level 2This is like Boost Jump, except when Cid lands, an explosion occurs and it hits all enemies.
Cid Level 2Cid sends a dragon at the enemy absorbing some of their Hit Points and Magic Points.
Cid Level 3Cid does 6 super powered Boost Jumps.
Cid Level 3Cid slashes random enemies with his spear for 8 times.
Cid Level 4Cid summons the Highwind to drop a total of 18 bombs on all enemies.
Yuffie Level 1Yuffie dashes at a single enemy and slashes hard with her weapon.
Yuffie Level 1All other party members’ Hit Points are restored.
Yuffie Level 2Yuffie damages all enemies by creating an earthquake under them.
Yuffie Level 2Yuffie attacks all enemies for a total of 10 times.
Yuffie Level 3Yuffie launches a large bomb at all enemies.
Yuffie Level 3Yuffie attacks 15 times to random enemies.
Yuffie Level 4Yuffie unleashes a powerful beam of energy on all enemies.
Vincent Level 1Vincent morphs into a beast-like creature.
Vincent Level 2Vincent morphs into a sort of Frankenstein thing.
Vincent Level 3Vincent morphs into a weird looking monster with a chainsaw and hockey mask.
Vincent Level 4Vincent morphs into a demon creature with large wings.

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