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Can you name the Famous Magic: the Gathering Combos?

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First Combo Piece (example deck)Second Combo PieceOutcome
Splinter Twin (Patrick Dickman - Grand Prix Antwerp)Attack with infinite 1/4 creatures
Illusions of Grandeur (Kai Budde - Pro Tour New Orleans)Give opponent an enchantment that makes them lose 20 life when it leaves the battlefield
Vampire Hexmage (PVDDR - Pro Tour Austin 2009)Make a 20/20 Indestructible, flying token
Sword of the Meek (William Cavaglieri - Worlds 2009)Make 1/1 flyers and gain 1 life for every 1 mana spent
Protean Hulk (Steve Sadin - Grand Prix Columbus 2007)Search your library for creatures with total converted mana cost 6 or less and put them on the battlefield for 2 mana
FireballPay GG and R + X life/mana to deal X to your opponent
Goblin Bombardment + Shield Sphere (or other 0-mana creature) (Kai Budde - Pro Tour Chicago 1999)Deal infinite damage
Shuko (Thomas Refsdal - Pro Tour Valencia)Mill your library if you have another creature

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